Hulling and Hand Selection

Unlike most roasting works, being at origin allows us to hull our coffees onsite rather than contracting the services of an outside dry mill. As we hull them ourselves, we can ensure the cleansing of our little mill from lot to lot, letting us know with all certainty that what goes to the hand-sorting table is 100% complete and irreproducible in origin. Or, in other words, “one of a kind.”

After losing its parchment skin* and passing through the sorting screens, our coffee is brought to a conveyor belt, where it is hand-sorted by women skilled at detecting defects which often pass under the electronic eye of automated sorting machines. Generating employment in Colombia’s Coffee Axis – which boasts some of the country’s highest rates of unemployment – is a key component of the VAS™ model. And as far as quality is concerned, nothing to date has been able to defeat the human eye when it comes to the proverbial sorting table.

* All dry parchment skin (cisco) is captured in an hermetically-sealed room, recycled and transferred back to farmers as fuel for their drying ovens.