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Lot Sizes are stated in Parchment Coffee.

Parchment coffee is the form in the production process that Azahar buys coffee in - directly from the small holder farmers whom we work closely with. Coffee is picked, processed in a wet mill where the outer skin and pulp are removed. The coffee then ferments in tanks. Following the fermentation process, the coffee is dried either in the sun or in silo ovens. At this point the coffee is in parchment form. From here, the coffee is hulled, in Azahar's dry mill, hand-sorted, roasted and packaged. There is roughly a 36% loss in weight from the time that the coffee is received in parchment form to the time when it is packaged. The lot sizes are stated in parchment form to give the consumer an idea of the size of that particular lot (it is very similar to the reserve concept with wine).

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Cedar-like aromas, blackberries, creamy spices, baking spices in the finish.
Caramel aromas, lime-like brightness, round body, vanilla and walnuts.
$11.99 250g
$11.99 250g
Black tea, lime-like brightness, round body, caramel finish.
$11.99 250g