Whole bean coffee | 1 kilograms

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The second blend to launch in our series of coffees inspired by the colors of rainbow comes from a land veiled in mysticism and enchantment, much like the misty clouds that more often than not obscure the enchanting view of the crater of the Galeras Volcano.

Hailing from some of the most iconic landscapes in the Andean Region of the department of Nariño, and born of the union of two micro lots and the ingenuity of our quality team and master roasters, Santuario Volcánico—”volcanic sanctuary”—combines four separate roasting profiles in one coffee. In cup, this blend delivers a subtle astringency with floral and fruity notes of purple fruits such as red grape, blackberry and plum. The coffees in this blend were grown at or above 2,100 m.a.s.l, in municipalities situated along the Pan-American Highway, surrounded by fields of potatoes, corn and beans.

When grown at such extreme heights, the cherry of one of the varieties that make up this special blend, the Castillo variety, will begin turning from a ruddy hue to a deeper purple, as they ripen. This same effect occurs with the fruits of other high-altitude crops grown on the farms found on the eastern slopes and along the ridgelines of Central Colombian Andes mountains. To truly understand the story behind the coffee, is to fully respect the integrity of the crop. This is one of our main objectives, inspirations and points of focus when we gear up to release a new coffee.

We invite you to play around with methods of preparations with the hopes of uncovering the multitude of purple and violet flavors found within our Santuario Volcánico blend.


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