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The Andean Bear, The Crested Eagle, The Churuco Monkey, and The Mountain Tapir, all endangered animals, live freely in the Serranía de Minas Park in the southern region of the department of Huila. Alongside the park lies Finca El Jardin, where this coffee originates.

In this magnificent forest several tributaries that feed the Magdalena River are born, nourishing the soils of the entire municipality of Oporapa. As a child, Pedro Nel had to cross these waters by canoe because there were no roads to move from one town to another.

Pedro Nel Trujillo is aware of the paradise surrounding him and has always benefited from the products grown on this fertile land. Consequently, he defines himself as a guardian of the soil and takes into account that not only his six children, but the entire world’s population, depend on it.

Pedro Nel is an environmentally responsible coffee grower who learned this business directly from his father who he helped as a child. Today, with an entire life’s experience on it, he dedicates himself to passing his knowledge on to the next generation. He cultivates his 36-hectare finca with twenty-eight thousand trees of Caturra, three thousand of Tabi, thirty thousand of Castillo, and nineteen thousand of the Colombia variety.

At 1,760 m.a.s.l., 70% of Finca El Jardín is dedicated to coffee production while the rest is used to sow the fruits, vegetables and legumes consumed by Pedro and his family. The view from the house he built himself is spectacular. It looks like a piece of fabric woven with a diverse spectrum of greens, showing the fertility and complexity of the territory. Pedro Nel observes his landscape with pride, remembering that when he bought the land there was nothing planted on it. “I had a farm in the lower side of the hills until the leaf rust left me in bankrupt. Then I heard that in higher grounds it didn’t hit the coffee so strongly, so I came to look for a piece of land to rebuild my business. I was impressed by the surrounding beauty, but even more impressed because nobody wanted to work around here”, says Pedro Nel between laughs. While he maintains a sense of humor, the story of his arrival is the story of a worker who came to get the best beans out of the soil, regardless of the obstacles he had to overcome along the way.

Finally, in 2015 his coffee began to gain worldwide recognition when the barista Adisson Dale won the Barista Championship in New Zealand, competing with his coffee. It’s no wonder given the time and dedication invested in the production at El Jardín. This carefully grown coffee produces a cup with a unique profile in which the fragrance of melted butter is mixed with the sweet scent of sugar cane and a perfect level of acidity that rounds out an intense taste which lingers in mouth thanks to the creaminess of its body.


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