Whole bean coffee | 1 kilograms

Category: SKU: AZ-B1KG-08-1


With the launch of our Bosque Orgánico blend, we celebrate the beginning of a new series of coffees. The concept behind this series was born of the creativity and ingenuity of our lab’s quality control team, as well as that of our master roasters. Inspired by the colors of the rainbow and by the strong link between the mind, memory and the senses, we created a collection that combines the sensory attributes of various origins with multiple roast profiles.

Bosque Orgánico hails from the misty hillsides of the department of Tolima, where the varied greens of the cloud forest and the mountains are emblematic of this picturesque, verdant landscape. True to its name, this organically-grown coffee is juicy and balanced, with forward notes of green fruits, and a subtle, minty finish.

This blend also marks the first time we have combined three different and unique roasting profiles in one origin. We invite you to take this opportunity to experiment with this collection at home by trying out different methods of preparation, amounts of coffee and temperatures. We hope you discover the many hidden flavors found within our new Bosque Orgánico.


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