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This certified-organic blend hails from the corregimiento (a subdivision of a municipality with a core population) of Palmor, which belongs to the municipality of Cíenaga, in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta. This coffee marks the first time we are featuring a blend from this incredibly special origin, widely recognized worldwide for its organic specialty coffees.

Palmor was founded around forty years-ago by a population of farmers who were fleeing internal violence occurring in other departments throughout Colombia. Upon arriving on the coast of the department of Magdalena, and realizing the region’s potential for warm-weather coffee cultivation, they decided to stay and try their luck in the Sierra Nevada. This municipality is found within the so-called “Cinturón de café del Caribe”—the “Caribbean coffee belt”—, an area of coffee production that spans the four neighboring municipalities of Aracataca, Santa Marta, Fundación and Cíenaga.

The coffees that make up this blend were cultivated by four producers from Palmor: Walter Guevara Quintero (Finca Pensilvania), Luis Fernando Vasco Padilla (Finca La Indígena), Jhariza Piña Diaz (Finca El Pedral 2) and Sol Zambrano Escobar (Finca El Caprichito). Planted between 911 and 1,629 m.a.s.l, the coffee trees grow beneath the shade of other fruiting trees free of any chemical additives.

The coffee producers of the Sierra Nevada strive to live in harmony with their ecosystem therefore they utilize only sustainable agricultural practices in order not to harm the environment. Characterized by their collective collaborative philosophy, these producers founded an association dedicated to the environmental protection and stewardship of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta called Ecolsierra. Their organization’s objective is to protect that which they value the most: the earth. The farmers of Palmor consider their lands “a little corner of heaven” and we are proud to work alongside them to present this chocolately coffee with notes of citrus and dried fruit.


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