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The National Route 43 crosses more than seven regions of Colombia. It begins in the municipality of Tesalia, Huila, and ends in the curiously named Si Dios Quiere, a little town up north in the region of Magdalena.

At the beginning of this road, between the suffocating heat of the valleys and its steep mountains that rise on both sides, is Tesalia, Paicol and Iquira, the three municipalities where we found the best coffees of the season. After analyzing and cupping them, we mixed the beans at just the right percentages to obtain a profile we are proud of. We love our blend Occidente because it represents all the good things that come from this region: the area is blessed by an ideal environment for the sowing of all the varieties mixed in it. Castillo, Caturra and Colombia trees feed from the nutrients found in the volcanic soils of the territory, which are also irrigated by the most important rivers in the country. All the beans come from trees cultivated in microlots at 1,500 – 1,800 m.a.s.l., where in addition to coffee, producers have planted native trees to provide ecological diversity at all levels.

The beans were harvested, washed, and depulped by hand before being left in fermentation for 18 to 24 hours, an ideal time to keep the best notes, aromas and flavors of these varieties. Depending on the producer’s preference, the altitude, the humidity, and the amount of sunlight each finca has, the drying process takes from 10 to 15 days. After that process is complete, they send the product to our laboratory, where we verify that each bag we get is exactly what we want to offer to our clients at home and abroad.

Blend Occidente is unique: it was chosen for the quality of its beans and was elaborated with our customers’ palates in mind. We want you to experience something new, to feel and taste with pleasure the essence of northern Huila. Here it is.


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