Whole bean coffee | 340 grams

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The coffee producers of Colombia are constantly innovating, advancing and bettering their post-collection processes. The traditional systems of fermentation and drying utilize the standard practice of only picking the coffee cherries at their peak moment of ripeness in order to guarantee a certain level of quality. These carefully monitored fermentation times and tried and true drying methods are designed to honor the shelf life of the bean. Several of our producing partners have recently been experimenting with more-prolonged fermentation times that result in exotic and fruit-forward cup profiles, with notes of watermelon, papaya, ripe orange, mango and other delicious, tropical fruits.

These distinguished coffees, some with fermentation times upwards of 40 to 100 hours, are being exported to roasters around the world, and enjoyed by discerning international consumers. From every lot we export, a small amount of these extremely special coffees is left behind. These fruity leftovers cannot just be added to any regular blend. Therefore, we have created our Blend Fruta, so that our colombian clientele can also taste these incredible specialty coffees, which are the direct result of countless hours of hard work by—in this case—ten pioneering producing partners.

Because Colombia deserves its best coffee, Blend Fruta will be one of those coffees that will be available in our cafés on a continuing basis, with several different presentations each year, made up of coffees from different origins, from various farms, each one unique. This first batch comes from the departments of Huila and Santander.


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