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This blend brings together the artisanal craft of ten of our pioneering producing partners, all of who have sold micro-lots to some of the world’s best roasters.

Some people think that blends are of less value, or of inferior quality than a micro, just because a blend is a mix of many coffees. This is not the case. With the arrival of Blend Arcoíris—our Rainbow Blend—we are striving to change this idea by presenting a truly unique blend that was carefully put together by our quality control team at our lab in Armenia, Quindío. Of every lot that we export, a small percentage gets left behind. These coffees have been cupped and selected for their superior quality by experts who have traveled from places far and wide in search of Colombia’s best coffee. Although what we are left with are very small quantities, wasting them is not an option and that’s how we came up with the idea behind Blend Arcoíris.

A rainbow can appear anywhere, at any time of day, but only when the conditions are perfect. Blend Arcoíris will be available on a recurring basis, many times throughout the year and like every rainbow, every single presentation of this coffee will be an exclusive release, made up of various micro-lots, sometimes from one department but from different veredas or townships, and different municipalities and other times, Blend Arcoíris will include coffees from different origins.

This first release of Blend Arcoíris comes from southern Huila, specifically from the municipalities of Acevedo, Pitalito, San Agustín and Palestina. It represents the hard work and determination of ten of our producing partners; nine men and one woman. Every producer and every farm, is different. Each farm is its own microcosm, with its own tried and true agricultural practices, its own distinct soil, its own thermal floors and climates. Each producer utilizes specific post-collection processing systems developed over time through oral traditions passed down from generation to generation over scarce moments of rest, during quiet conversations shared over a good cup of coffee. In every Blend Arcoíris you will find an endless array of flavor profiles that represent the best that Colombia has to offer, because Colombia deserves its best coffee.


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