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Known as ‘El Alma del Huila’ (The Soul of Huila), Garzón is one of the municipalities with a special agricultural calling in Colombia. Located in southern Huila, it owes its name since 1783 to a species of herons called “Garzón”that inhabited the region.

Garzon is a high altitude area where coffees grow between 1,700 and 1,900 meters above sea level on the western slopes of the Andes. Its lands are fertile, green and privileged with the rivers Suárez and Magdalena flowing through its mountains and valleys. Its topography is variously flat, semi-mountainous and dense, so it has several thermal floors with a large number of micro-climates ranging from the warmer temperatures near the Magdalena River to the cold at the top of the mountain range.

Of all the Garzoneños who can work, 78% are engaged in coffee production. Most of them are small landowners for whom coffee is a way of life. They are precisely those who with their steadfast commitment make this a blend exceptional. The fusion of these coffees was possible through the cooperative Coocentral; its a blend that carefully combines Caturra and Colombia varieties, and that Azahar presents as a taste of the best of Garzón.

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