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The new Agua Dulce Blend celebrates the sweet, light and juicy flavor notes of blue and purple fruits such as plums, grapes, blueberries, figs and blackberries. This blend marks the fourth and penultimate release in our series of coffees inspired by the colors of the rainbow.

This time around, our qualities team—the true artists and alchemists of the family—developed a concept in cup influenced by the science behind the art and magic that results when we mix colors to make new colors. If we were to divide fruits and vegetables by color, into little families, only 12% of them would be categorized as bluish or purplish. With this idea in mind, the lab began with a blank slate or canvas in the form of a blend made up of several micro lots from allied pioneering producers from the departments of Cauca and Huila. With this blend they created a base for Agua Dulce (Sweet Water) that provided the structure for the body, sweetness, acidity and after taste of the coffee. They combined the base with a very special micro lot from the municipality of Yacuanquer, in the department of Nariño, that was grown and processed by Alba Cristina Villota and her family, at their finca El Rincón. The micro lot serves the purpose of imbuing the blend with the azure profiles, “dyeing” the coffee and highlighting the resulting fruity flavors.

By utilizing certain aspects of color theory as a way to understand the varied sensory attributes of these coffees, we developed a combination of sweet flavors that reminded us of the powerful, fast-flowing, freshwater rivers that feed and nurture the coffee plantations of these three storied and scenic origins. Come explore your mind’s sensory memory with Agua Dulce, and find out where it transports you.



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Grano (Recomendado), Gruesa, Media, Fina


Bogotá, Outside Bogotá

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