Whole bean coffee | 340 grams

Category: SKU: AZ-H340-21


Our blends are the direct product of the careful union of several different micro lots, each with its own unique sensory attributes. We seek to create a harmonious balance of flavors that—with each cup—emphasizes the effort put in back at the farm, by every producing family, whose coffee contributed to this blend.

With this second edition of Arcoíris, we strive to celebrate the handcrafted coffee-growing tradition of our producing partners, as well as our country’s rich diversity of origins, soils, microclimates, tasting notes and processes of fermentation. The exceptional roasting profile we utilized was developed specifically with the micro lots that make up this blend in mind.

The arcoíris or rainbow, is a climatic phenomenon that results from the decomposition of the spectrum of light as seen by the human eye. Rainbows can occur anywhere, at any time of day, but only under the appropriate conditions. This concept is the inspiration behind our Arcoíris Blend. Like all our coffees, this blend was developed by Azahar’s quality control team, with the objective to demystify or challenge the notion that mixes, or blends of coffee, are of lesser quality than a single-origin, micro lot. Each edition of this blend reinvents itself, and therefore, no two presentations are alike.