Our team travels year-round to find the best coffees produced by small and medium-sized farmers, even if it means going to areas that often don’t appear on the map.

We deal directly with producers, co-ops and growers’ associations to make sure we are building transparent relationships with everyone involved. For us, trading coffee is more than just a business. We represent talented, hard-working families and individuals. We value their knowledge and their dedication to quality by rewarding them with our respect, as well as the highest, most stable prices possible.

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and reward

We acknowledge producers’ efforts by paying fixed, stable prices that take into account costs of production, rather than the international price of coffee.

We know that excellence starts in the cup. We also understand that our clients are often looking for specific profiles. We try to avoid generalities — and we don’t assume that we already understand the market. We take the time required to get to know everyone’s individual palate and needs.

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Our clients and the producers we work with are equally important to us. Both are essential elements of the supply chain; without one, the other wouldn’t exist. While we send samples anywhere in the world, we like to have our clients visit us.