Stop by Azahar Coffee, a newly opened outpost from one of the city’s artisanal coffee companies, for a caffeine jolt or artisanal ginger-and-chili soda.

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The firm uses some of the highest-quality beans available — the kind almost always exported in the past.
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They say a shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot. For decades, Colombia’s coffeehouse culture has been somewhat sparse. Over the last few years, however, a spate of new third-wave coffeehouses has emerged.


Es el café consciente. Este lugar que lleva el nombre de la flor de la planta de café, es un buen lugar para probar el café colombiano y apoyar transparentemente a sus productores.

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La tarea de este espacio es compartir sin competir; es dignificar las raíces; calificar, cuantificar y permear las debilidades de nuestros campesinos para así darles un ápice de la tan merecida justicia que ellos buscan.


The Azahar Coffee container is a renovated, modest-looking repurposed shipping container, with a marvelous coffee selection and choice of brew methods inside. The container choice was a practical one: rents in Chico are sky-high, and so containers allow retailers to take advantage of the neighborhood without paying a fortune for location. There’s also some symbolism here: containers are how Colombian coffee is shipped to the rest of the world.

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Single-origin coffees from Azahar are served with energy and enthusiasm by the baristas at the modern flagship café: A shipping container, which, as co-founder Tyler Youngblood points out, is usually used for transporting Colombia’s best beans out of the country. “It’s meant to serve as a sign that Colombians deserve to drink the best coffee their country produces”.


Azahar es un buen ejemplo para quienes tienen intenciones de abrir cafés, para quienes entienden que un café es uno de los lugares de reunión más maravillosos y más visitados en ciudades como París, Buenos Aires y Madrid.

Bogotá necesita más lugares como este, que exalten nuestra cultura cafetera.