VASTM - Value Added at the Source is a strategic philosophy aimed at tailoring businesses to achieve enduring, structural sustainability in the developing world. It is based on the simple idea that adding value to commodities at their origin, rather than at their end-point of consumption, helps equalize the economics of trade. In the process, VAS™ provides fair compensation for all the constituencies of the supply chain, creating employment at a livable wage while elevating the quality of refined products to compete with top tier brands.

Azahar was developed under the VASTM model with the intent of redefining how specialty coffee is produced and consumed. Not only does VASTM guarantee that all the value added to Azahar takes place in Colombia, it also guarantees a system of price premiums for outstanding coffee farmers both at the moment of purchase, as well as at the moment of exportation – involving the same coffee farmer in the final sale.

Lastly, it ensures that Azahar is able to work closely with its farmers in a joint-effort to continually press the limits on quality – whether it’s offering technical assistance at the farm or analyzing results in Azahar's onsite laboratory, hulling room or roasting works. For when it comes to our farmers, Azahar's doors are always left open.