Brew Guide

While there is no one “right” way to brew coffee, there are a lot of wrong ones. Here are a few methods – some simple, some more complex – that work for us. Aside from the modern Drip Pot’s French precursor, the Siphon (or Vacuum Pot) is the oldest, dating back to the early nineteenth century, while the Chemex – invented in the mid-1900s – is one of today’s more popular ways to brew coffee among specialty aficionados. The French Press, Espresso, and Pourover (or Melitta) are classics, though the latter, much like the Siphon, has recently been revamped. For those of you who are reading this with no other recourse than to that of an automated Drip Pot, that’s no problem either – there are some simple guidelines for you, too.

While we’re constantly working to consolidate and streamline as much of the coffee production chain as possible, it is nonetheless a long and complicated one that starts with the farmer and works its way on to our mill and roasterie before making it to our final customers. One mistake along the way – whether it’s a can of motor oil left next to a farmer’s stack of parchment, a few extra seconds in the roaster or a few extra degrees Fahrenheit in the water you use for your brew – can wipe out the months of hard work and careful planning that came before it. Having verified its quality as far as our reach extends, you are the last and most important custodian in Azahar’s production chain. We invite you to enjoy it at its best!