Project Verde

After several years of sourcing parchment coffee directly from individual farmers, we started exporting micro lots to quality-based green coffee importers. “Project Verde,” as we call it, is founded on the idea of economic transparency and consistent cup quality, allowing importers and roasters to establish long-term, sustainable relationships with producers in Colombia. If you are interested, please contact us so that we can discuss your needs and determine whether or not we're the right exporter for you!


We source coffees year round, combining extensive travel and careful trust-building with hands-on education, striving to teach farmers how different harvest and processing techniques affect the quality of their coffee in the cup. Depending on the region, we work with individuals, growers’ associations and cooperatives in order to meet producers’ needs — whether that means alleviating cash flow problems or improving husbandry. True to the project itself, these relationships are founded on a shared understanding of transparency, allowing us to negotiate directly with farmers and ensure that they receive the prices agreed upon in a timely fashion.

While we do send a lot of samples out, when working with our green coffee clients, we often source together, allowing them access to this same infrastructure of transparency, education and quality.



When it comes to identifying coffee for our clients, we rely on our in-house cupping team. Jayson — our Director of Quality — María and Julian work together to identify the coffees our clients are looking for. All three are certified Q-Graders, while Jayson and Julian worked previously as Q-Instructors.

We cup with our clients at our lab in Armenia, in addition to cupping together in partner labs in different growing regions around the country. Over time, we work to calibrate with each other so as to be able to better anticipate the profiles they’re looking for.



In order to maximize the shelf life of our coffees, we store most of our parchment in GrainPro (under 11% moisture content) and work to get each lot on the water as soon as possible. We mill and electronically- or hand-sort the coffees, depending on what the client is looking for. Green coffee either gets packaged in GrainPro inside 70 kg sisal bags or vacuum-packed. Throughout the process, each lot gets sampled and cupped several times to ensure quality.

At the moment, we are shipping quarter containers (70 bags), half containers (140 bags) and full containers (275 bags). In addition to coffees from individual farmers, we also supply larger lots from cooperatives or small groups of farmers in accordance with our clients' needs.

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