La Colonia is a coffee finca located in Génova, a municipality located south of Quindío, known as a symbol of the region. Called colloquially as “beautiful Quindian corner”, Génova borders the Cauca Valley, Tolima and Pijao municipality, another large producer of specialty coffees in the country.

Due to its advantageous location within the Andean region, it has a multiplicity of thermal floors that allow a diverse agricultural production and an extensive use of the soil. Its strategic position, close to the south and the center of the country, can also be considered as a development pole that harness of the hydrological, biological, edaphic, economic, human and cultural potential of Colombia.

Jorge Libardo Tulcán has taken advantage of all these benefits to cultivate three varieties of coffee in La Colonia in a very steep terrain, next to his house of colorful walls and colored mud tiles. The hanging and flowering ferns suspended along the exterior corridors, regard at the coffee plantations full of the Typica variety -originated in Ethiopia-, the red Bourbon variety – of high production- and the Colombia variety -developed by Cenicafé to combat the pests that affect these trees, susceptible to fungi and rust-.

Jorge Libardo and the group of pickers, who work on his finca during the harvest, carefully select the ripest cherries of the three varieties. After being pulped, the beans go to the fermentation tanks where they rest for 26 hours. At the end of the process, they are washed and dried in the sun for 20 days. Then they are packed in sacks that will be moved through the Génova trails, until they arrive at the Azahar laboratories.

This is a coffee that grows between 1,450 and 1,500 m.a.s.l., and is roasted in the heart of our house, Armenia: the place where our adventure began.


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